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before afterThe bricks are made of baked clay, a material that is often lost their natural color and brightness over time. Weather conditions, especially those that have to do with the rain and humidity, directly affect deterioration.

As a result you will find little shiny floor and stained they age the look of your home. To clean and look like new, there are several alternatives, with different chemicals depending on the problem you are facing.

“Wet look” sometimes gets confused with “gloss”. Using a paver sealer that will leave a “wet look” means you are darkening the surface similar to as if it was wet with water. These sealers may or may not contain a shine level of some sort.

Process: Pressure cleaning, re-sand and sealer application.

For Complete Refinishing Staining and Restoration of brick floors walkways inside or outdoor Call Miller Construction or Contact Us for a FREE CONSULTATION!.

Sealer Services: Paver sealers, Brick Paver Sealing, Brick Paver, Pressure Wash, Brick Paver Sanding. We Serve Orlando and All Central Florida Area.

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